How-to-install-visual-studio-code on windows and ubuntu

2 Ways: How To Install Visual Studio Code on Ubuntu and Windows


In this article, I’m gonna show you how to install visual studio code on Ubuntu and Windows.

Within 4 years, the Visual Studio Code has come from unknown to the most popular editor. According to Stack overflow.

It has taken over other popular editors like IntelliJ, Sublime Text, even the paid Visual Studio, and others to be number one.

It is also the most preferred editor for beginners because of its ease of use.

Why is Visual Studio Code Popular

This editor has some great features that you can only find in big editors like IntelliJ IDEA or Visual Studio. These features include intelligent code auto-completion, code refactoring, quick debugging and extremely user-friendly interface.

The other thing that makes this editor be preferred by a lot of people is because it is lightweight, faster, universal (runs on major OSes ie Windows, Mac, Linux).

The other feature that I like about his editor is that is also portable you can run it on a USB stick.

Ooh. That was a lot let’s dive into how to install the editor on Ubuntu and Windows

1). Download and Run

In this method, we only download and run our visual studio code file and run it directly.

Here is how…

Go to the Visual Studio Code website, click downloads. There you will find the files arranged according to your OS, so chose the one that corresponds to your OS.

Choose OS

For this first part, we will download the .tar.gz file for Ubuntu and .zip for Windows.

Hey, choose the one which is indicated to run on your system.

After you downloaded this file, extract it into your desired folder.

Go to the extracted folder (VSCode-linux-x64) and find the file named code (executable).

NOTE: This is also how to install visual code on Ubuntu 18.04 and Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS

Then open the folder in the terminal, by right-clicking on the folder and you will get the option to open in terminal.

Click the option open in terminal.

After that is done now run the following in the terminal


This is enough, it will open the editor. As bellow…

There you go start coding choose your favorite language.

For the case of the Windows double click the Code.exe and then it will run.

2). Download and install.

This method is so far the easiest of all. All you have to do is to download the .deb file for Ubuntu and installer for Windows mostly .exe file.

After you downloaded this file just double click the file and follow the instruction as for the Windows system.

For Ubuntu, you also double click the downloaded .deb file and it will open Ubuntu software application. Which will take a few seconds then prompt you to input your system password to continue?

After that, your editor will be installed in your system.

You can now find the installed Visual Studio Code, by searching your computer.

Here is how…

Click win key on your keyboard, then search visual studio code

Happy coding…create your first program.


Hey, thank you for coming by.

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