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5 Must Have Chrome Extension ,Add Ons for Small YouTubers


Small YouTuber? Yes yes! Well, it’s every YouTubers dream to have as many views as possible, grow faster and create better well optimized content for your viewers.

Is this your dream? Growing your small channel to a bigger one…? This requires a lot of dedications and hard work, time consuming and most of the time you don’t always get the result that you may want. So I researched on what chrome extensions are available to help with your work as youtuber.

Google Chrome as you know is one of the top browser that has over 60% browser market share hence there is a high possibility that you are using it.

So these are the Google Chrome extension that are very essential that every youtuber must have whether small or big

1). TubeBuddy



Reviews: 6889

Rating: 4.6 stars

Category: Social & Communication

Install: TubeBuddy

Tubebuddy is no doubt the best You Tube tool that is available as a chrome extension. It’s filled with features that will help you grow your channel from scratch and to make things good it so cheap. And it’s free to install on Google Chrome, Firefox, Android, or iPhone.

I created a channel back in October and I immediately installed this extension and I haven’t regretted it. Its features are so amazing, its feature include Video Optimization, Tag Generation, you can also use it to create stunning Thumbnail that stands out against the crowd and noises from You Tube.

Other of the feature I like about this chrome extension is that it shows me all the milestone I have reached over time and encourages me to keep working harder always to grow even more.

You can also use this tool to do keyword research, this will give you insight on how your video will perform when you finally create and uploaded it.

[The list is endless I have written a review on this you can check it out]

3). Grammarly


Reviews: 37417

Average Rating: 4.58 stars

Category: Productivity

Install: Grammarly

First, Grammarly just as the name suggest is a Google chrome extension that will help you and your channel with your writing skill by improving your grammar.

This tool is is meant for everybody who do any writing. It doesn’t matter if English is your 4th or first language. It helps you write better whether you are scripting for your video, writing video description, writing your comment or even replying to comments

This tool is always there for you to correct you anytime you make any grammatical mistake, it also help you write better content as it will improve on your tone and voice.

With a good voice and sweet tone on your writing improved by Grammarly, as a result the engagement on your videos and channel will skyrocket. You just know how YouTube algorithm is a fun of well engaged content. When your engagement is high, the algorithm will push your content to more and more people as suggested content. This will increase your views and earn you more and more subscribers.

This chrome is one of my favorite chrome extension, I not only use it with my YouTube channel but also this very blog.

2). Keywords Everywhere – Keyword Tool

Key Word Tool


Reviews: 5,167

Average Rating: 4.67stars

Category: Productivity

Install: Keywords Everywhere

SEO is a boiling topic now, though some people may think there is no point of video SEO. If you are just starting out and you haven’t had a post that is viral, you need to do a lot of video SEO, so that your videos can appear in YouTube search (The second largest search engine on earth). This is where Keywords Everywhere Keyword Tool comes in handy… with this chrome extension you can do proper keyword research easily on your browser.

One of the best feature about this tool is that it give you all the insights that you need on every keyword you search for through chrome. This extension will help you allot to choose the best keyword to focus on. It gives you all the data such as how many times they search the key word for on-line, how competitive the keyword is.

With the knowledge it will arm you with enough information on how your video will perform in search. Hence you will make great videos targeted to a specific audience that will generate more views.

4). vidIQ


User: 1,045,137

Reviews: 8006

Average Rating: 4.54stars

Category: Social & Communication

Install: viIQ

Is much more like Tubebudy with wonderful features. The only downside of this extension is that it’s more expensive compared to TubeBuddy. But hey, I don’t want to be bias here Im just stating the facts it’s totally upon you to decide which of them to use. Im just here to give little guidance. Above all, vidIQ is feature rich. With this tool you always get data on every channel you visit, see how many subscribers they have, videos, etc. It’s a great tool to check out how your competitors are doing well so you can improve on yours.

5). There Are Other Chrome extension For Youtubers that you should look at

…they include the following…

1. Drift Video: Is one of the amazing chrome extension that every youtuber must have, this extension will help in recording your screen whether tab or the entire desktop. This tool is best when you are making tutorials videos because it will help create videos that are high quality for your viewers. The other thing about this extension is that you can also record yourself via the webcam in case you want to show your face while you are giving your tutorial

You can also edit your videos, trim them to your liking before you upload them to YouTube.

4. Emoji Keyboard – Emojis For Chrome. Few people put emojis on their comments or description, this is not because they don’t want to, it’s because they don’t know how. Emojis are unique and as a picture they are tells more than words. This extension has a large collection of emojis that you can use on your browser making your comments descriptions and even meta tag unique hence more engagement.

3. YiNote: This chrome extension helps you take notes while you watch videos on the major video site YouTube included. The good thing about this extension is that while you are taking notes, they get time stamped so you will know where to go back to in case you want to review your notes.

5. Agorapulse: This is also a great YouTube tool that you must have especially if you want to schedule your social media shares. It’s helpful especially when you schedule your video to a specific time to go live, you can use it as well so that when the video goes live, then it is also shared on social medias too.

Thank you for coming around I appreciate you a lot blessings

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