avast avg removed from fire fox and opera Avast And Avg Extentions Are Apparently Collecting Your Browsing History Installabless_

Avast and Avg Extentions Are Apparently Collecting Your Browsing History


Avast and Avg Browser Extensions Are Apparently Collecting Your Browsing History

Avast Online Online and AVG Safe Price are FireFox browser security add on that are apparently been spying on you instead of protecting you.

It’s been reported that these two extensions have been collecting too much data from their users than they should. They have been doing this until the creator of Adblock Plus found out and aired out their dirty laundry. He, I mean Wladimir Palant the creator of the add on above discovered this sometimes back in October and even wrote it on a blog post.

Unfortunately, that post didn’t get much attention as it should, so he reported this Mozilla the other day, this led Mozilla team and Opera to act fast soon as they got the shade of the light.

Mozilla Firefox and Opera no longer support and removed the extensions from their market place completely. Yeah, that’s why you haven’t been able to find them from both of the stores anymore.

If you try to find them here’s the message, you will get.


These humble add on that you may have always relied on to secure you online are the ones that have been collecting your data without your knowledge. You may ask, how can they protect you if they don’t have the data, anyway? But hey, there is a limit to what data they can collect, and this goes beyond.

What do they do with these data, only God knows!

But from the blog post, some company called Jumpshot bought AVG, and this company sells data so this may have been the reason they bought them according to the post

Let’s have a look at what data these add on (s) collect from their user and what implication they may have on users.

uriThe full address of the page you are on.
titlePage title if available.
refererAddress of the page that you got here from, if any.
Identifier of the window and tab that the page loaded into.
How exactly you got to the page, e.g. by entering the address directly, using a bookmark or clicking a link.
visitedWhether you visited this page before.
localeYour country code, which seems to be guessed from the browser locale. This will be “US” for US English.
useridA unique user identifier generated by the extension (the one visible twice in the screenshot above, starting with “d916”). For some reason this one wasn’t set for me when Avast Antivirus was installed.
plugin_guidSeems to be another unique user identifier, the one starting with “ceda” in the screenshot above. Also not set for me when Avast Antivirus was installed.
Type (e.g. Chrome or Firefox) and version number of your browser.
Your operating system and exact version number (the latter only known to the extension if Avast Antivirus is installed).

Source: Palant.de

The data collected here goes far beyond merely exposing the sites that you visit and your search history. Tracking tab and window identifiers as well as your actions allows Avast to create a nearly precise reconstruction of your browsing behavior: how many tabs do you have open, what websites do you visit and when, how much time do you spend reading/watching the contents, what do you click there and when do you switch to another tab. All that is connected to a number of attributes allowing Avast to recognize you reliably, even a unique user identifier.


[Source: Palant.de]

Yes, all your detailed browsing History, imagine sharing these data with anybody, nobody can do this unless ordered by law. In contrast, they already know that Fire Fox or any other major browsers vendors including Google prohibit this. In other words, this is NO NO!

Love it or hate it nobody wants their data to be shared in any way what’s so ever. Period. Leave alone it being sent to some server somewhere you don’t know.

I love Avast believe me; I use thir Android app but this gave me chill. I’m confused.

Hey this post was to let you know, what has been happening with AVG and Avast add on extensions on Firefox and Opera store. Now you know the reason you haven’t been able to download these add on (s) on both the stores. It’s time now to fall back to the other security add on (s).

What remains unanswered is… When is Google going to act, they have the largest number of users using these “spy ware” after all.

Thank you for coming around be blessed. Comment below.

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