BEST OF LUCK WISHES FOR EXAM: 10 Success Wishes Examples

You are here, best of luck wishes for your exam, it may not be you but hey, whoever you will write the success wishes for, I know he/she will pass with flying colors

Here today, I collected some of the best examples of I-wish-you-success messages I could get, these are for inspiration only but feel free to copy-paste if you want to, I’m not going to tell… The list is long and I don’t wanna take a lot of your time with the intro, just dive in and feel at home and explore, good luck choosing the right one for you.

1). Mum and Dad

We Wish Success

This is the success wishes that parents could tell their kid as they are going to tackle an exam or test.

We know you have been working so hard towards this, now its time TO SHINE. Your mum and I wish you all the best of lucks of the world in your exams, we wish you success and we know you will pass with flying colors because we believe in you. Just remember that we will be here for you always,and more we love you so much our Angel.

2). Sibling

This example shows how a Brother/Sister would write a success card to there sibling.

Hey, I have seen you burn midnight candle studying for this exam… I wish I could study like you because I admire your hard work and dedication. I believe in you and I wish you success, even though I don’t have to because you are going to make it I know that. Hey, I could go on and on, I wish you all the best of luck in your exam and pass with flying colors.

3). Friend

Do you believe in luck, well if you do then I wish you that and success in your forthcoming exam. I know you are hard-working beast who never stop till you get what you want thats why I believe this exam is gonna be a piece of cake to you. I’m here for you as always, I got your back peace! Success! You are going to make it.

4). Stranger

I f you are a stranger then you must use your exact name and the place you may have met to break the ice.

Remember me Name? Kunguni Music Festival?? This exam thing came up in our conversation then I promised you I was gonna send you a success card. Here we are, today is your day. Therefore, I just wanna wish you all the best in your forthcoming exam, I hope you have been studying smart and you are now ready for this. I believe you are gonna make it and you are gonna pass with flying colors. All the best luck in the world is yours. Success.

5). Teacher

You have been a good student; I know you ever since you came here long ago, you are one of the most industrious student I have ever taught. I don’t see you having any problem in this exam, but still I’m wishing the best of luck and success in it. In case you need anything you know I’m always here waiting for that hard revision question, don’t hesitate to come for help. Go on, make me proud.

6). Teacher 2

Exam? You have been preparing for this for the better part of your life. We have also been doing our best to equip with the right knowledge to tackle it. What I know is that we have done our part now it’s your turn to put to practice what you have been taught. Anyway, that being said it all boils down to you now… However, I don’t do luck… But you are gonna make it, I know it, there is no reason to fail. Mr Hellstone Freshwater


Its finally here, I know you have been working so hard towards this and now you are ready to go. All set. You are the hard worker I know. In other words this will be a walk in the park for you I know it. Hey, I wish all the best of luck and success in your exam; I believe you will pass with flying colors.

8). Other Sibling

I am writing this because you told me to, I’m still mad at you remember? You stormed into my room with all the noise and you made me lose my Fortnite game grr! Just to write this. Don’t mind that though, you are gonna be great. With all that dedication I can’t even imagine studying the way you do . I haven’t even finished my project, still on the screen and you should tell mum to take this console away for a month till I’m done with my project. I wouldn’t be mad. Oh, this was supposed to be about you… I wish you all the best of luck, I know you are going to make it to the top more so you are going to make us proud. I love you Sis, Bro, You are my Rock. Success

9).Other Friend

Don’t even think for a second that I’m gonna wish you luck because that sh** Don’t work. It’s simple you are gonna reap what you sow in other words if you dint work hard you are f***ed. Anyway, I don’t want to be hardball on you today. However, you know I got you my best friend. I’m here for you always I know you are gonna pass this exam with flying colors you are going to make me proud. Success, (NickName)

10). That YouTuber Friend


You are not going to believe this, the channel I created for you two days ago, has 43 subscribers without any post. It’s waiting for you. But first I wanna wish you all the best in your forthcoming exam. You are a hard worker, you have been studying as I make videos and I know you will pass that exam well. SUCCESS. I have collected the best tools for your channel, just focus on your exam now and when you are done we are gonna roll. Yours, the Simple and Basics guy.

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