Don’t Replace These 11 Stock Android Apps With Third-Party Apps.

There are default stock android apps that you already have on your phone, that you should not replace with a third-party app.

Don’t replace these default apps because you risk filling up your storage space for no reason at all. Futhermore, third-party apps not only take your already constrain space, but they also collect data about you.

Example, you find an app as simple as a torch/flashlight has to have access to your contacts. And even be able to send text and have access to the Internet.

Why would a torch/flashlight want all that data for?

This information they collect about you, God knows where they send them to. In short, a simple third-party app should not be able to collect such data from you. So be very very keen if not careful before you download these apps into your phone

And to make it worse most of these third-party apps have access to the Internet, making them data-hungry. Meaning they will suck your data to show you ads which as always is annoying so much.

Here is the list of the applications that I’m talking about

Stock android apps comes with your android phone, don't risk by replacing them with a third-party apps unless you  want  to expose your data to  third-party ...
stock-android apps

Stock Android Apps You should not replace with third-party apps

1. Torch /Flash Light App

We all want our phone to have a flashlight and all smart-phone manufacturers know that. And they have done their part to put flashlight and a way to use the light. All phones come with this feature so why would you want to download another flashlight light app? And for what? Don‘t do this, please!!

2. Clock App

This is important, time is money and we all want at least a way to tell the time. And we are all covered. All the phone comes with an app that helps you tell the time. The time is always displayed on the home screen. Or if it’s not there go to settings and find its widget and add it there.

3. STK toolkit

Security-wise, if you have a stock android app for this, then don’t download a third-party app for it. This is because this app controls important information about you. This app has access to your device ID, your true name, phone service you subscribed to and so on.

You don’t want a third-party app owner to have access to these data. I beg you please just use the default app on your phone.

4. Radio

If you just want to listen to all local radio stations, then most default radio applications, are just enough. Unless you want something different then you can go ahead and download another app. That can help you listen to international radios stations. But if this is not the case then just stick to the default one.

5. Sound Recorder

Recording yourself is always fun whether it’s a conversation, song idea or just audio memoir. This app will always be helpful most of the time not unless you want HD sounds. Which you won’t get on a phone anyway. I don’t know if there is any phone out there that can record studio-quality sounds.

6. Calculator

If you just want to do some simple arithmetics then the default calculator app is enough. Don’t bother downloading another one.

7. Calendar

All phone comes with calenders, so no need to download another a third-party app for it. I think the phone’s calendar is just enough or maybe if you have a very very good reason to download. Then go ahead fill your space.

8. File Manager:

File manager as its name says it manages all your files including your private files and folders. It can be very dangerous if you let a third-party app control this information. You should never ever let any third-party app manage your most precocious data. I recommend you stay with your stock android app. But if you are not satisfied with the default one. Then, I kindly request you to get a trusted and possibly paid one that doesn’t show you ads. And check thoroughly the requirements and policy of the app before you install it in your phone.

9. Contact Manager

This is another crucial app on your phone. It has access to all your contact list, hen you call them when they call you and so on. You have no choice but not to download a third-party app to control these data

10. Phone and Messaging App

In short, don’t you dare use a third-party app on these ones? Period DON’T

11. Weather App

Some of us want to know about the weather. Whether you are going hiking and planning a surfing day and whether to carry an umbrella when you leave home.

I use weather apps all the time and I have used my default one and it’s just enough. What of you? These apps are potentially dangerous. You know they must have access to location-based data to get you an accurate weather prediction. If you download a third-party app for this, make sure they don’t share your data.

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