JavaScript is a billion dollar programming language

Javascript is a billion dollar programming language

Javascript Is A Billion Dollar Programming Language

Javascript started humbly in 1995 it only powered the web adding interactivity to HTML pages. That had once been boring and static. Mostly confused with Java another really hot language then, some thought it was a scripting language for Java.

It has since been the most popular programming language on the web.

Wait … Why did I say Javascript is a billion dollar programming language. The answer is simple is used by the biggest if not all companies, unicorns as well as the newest promising startups.

Javascript runs the web but that is not the only place it exists, nowadays its everywhere, from the web to native apps, to desktop, server-side, to embedded devices. You can make really fast native apps with Javascript thanks to React Native which is really great, unlike hybrid apps that are slow. Node Js for server-side hence now we can use javascript on the back-end something that was not there before I guess.

With this ability that javascript has very big companies like PayPal, GoDaddy went all-in with javascript when Node Js came out. I hope you know that Node Js is an implementation of javascript to run on the back-end. They are not the only top company that uses js though.

Here Billion Dollar Companie Using Javascript Intensively

1. Pay Pal

we sort of talked about this above but PayPal is a giant online payment company. They deal with money and processing of payments which is really resource-intensive but they changed all their system to javascript whereby they use NodeJs for back-end and Js on the front end.

2. Facebook

They use js and even created React Js for there website front end and React-Native for Facebook and Instagram apps. The good thing is that these frameworks are open source. Free to use so you can use them to make your next billion dollars apps.

3. GoDaddy,

Also, like PayPal, they migrated to Node Js for backend and js for the front end. As you may know that they are one of the largest domain registrars and domain hosting company. They process crazy tone of data all sing Node JS backend js for the front end.

4. Walmart

This is the biggest retail store in the USA and maybe the largest in the world, meaning they have intensive data to work on. They went all-in with Javascript from Java to make sure they had the best, fastest and most reliable online presence.

5. Google

They are the king of search, they use a variety of technologies as well as programming languages but despite all that, they use javascript intensively on the front end, which power suggestion and display the search results. They have also implemented javascript to other programming languages such as the Dart that is used to make flutter app for android as well as iOS, they also created Angular js that is used as front end framework.

6. Netflix

Netflix is no doubt the biggest online movie streaming service provider in the world. They Initially used Java on their back end but they run into a problem, this led them to turn to javascript’s Node Js. This has led the service to be much faster compared to before.

So there you have it the billion-dollar programming language that powers the most powerful companies in the world.

Hey this, not the full list there other companies out there that uses js in which if I decided to write all of them I would still be writing this post and not posted yet. Other companies like Airbnb, NASA, Trello, and Uber

Why is JS preferred by these billion-dollar companies?

1. Javascript Runs Anywhere.

Js pretty much runs on all devices from a gaming console to the web, native apps to desktop on all the operating systems out there. So if a company chose this programming language they are sure they won’t have to train there workers to learn a new language for another purpose. They are sure that it will solve almost all there problems.

Companies can use it to make a website, apps, API, a backend which complete except for databases that they can available database systems available.

2, Abundant Library.

Js is one of the programming languages out there that has countless libraries and frameworks that will solve almost all your problems hence easy completion of your project in no time.

3, Very Large Community Support

The maturity of a programming language is always determined by the community surrounding it. This is very important in helping in developing the programming language to be the best. This helps the language to mature hence fewer bugs which if detected they are corrected faster.

4, Many Developers

Js has many developers developing apps every day, this is important because the more the developers the easier to find the people who will work on the particular project. And also the prices may reduce due to competition which is a good thing for the companies which want to reduce the cost of production of there products

5, Varieties of DEvelopment tools

Javascript apps can be developed from simple text editors to the most complete IDE. It’s easy to work with many people use vs code lately

Top JS libraries, frameworks used by the billion-dollar companies

1, Node Js: helps you to run javascript on the backend hence making it easy to work with js overall. You don’t have to learn another language for the backend.

2, Jquery: used mostly to build front on the web apps, it the best as it eases most of your javascript works.

3, React Native: This is a framework made by Facebook to make it easy to make apps from javascript programming languages. It makes it easy to make apps that can run from both android and iOS hence saving more time from making apps for both platforms individually.

Other most-used framework includes React Js, Vue Js, Ember, Angular and many more.

There you have it, the billion-dollar programming language.

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