is moving to _ kit users here is what to do urgent installabless Is Moving to Users here Is What To Do!(Updated Urgent)


This info is for users, but hey if you are not yet a kit user don’t worry. Here, no wait… now. It’s a website which provides services that allow on-line users to share the kits they used to do their work.

For example, YouTubers uses a range of items or gears to make their YouTube videos. So, if you are a YouTuber and you want to share your gears, the best to place to d this the site. They allow you to put all your gears together in one organise place called kit(s). And your followers can even buy them. The best part is that they don’t charge you or your follower anything when they purchase an item. In other words you are assured that you will get all your commission from the products in full.

OK, that was so long but I had to say that in case you dint know what k-i-t is. So lets get back to the message. is moving to, this is because they dint wholly owned the domain and the owners want to use it for other purposes. So that’s why they had to move to because they owned the domain name.

If you are a a res=gistered user and you fall in the following categories bellows. Then here is what you should do, IMEDIATELY


To all YouTuber using kit to share their gears it will be easy to migrate. What you have to do is to go to the site, login then connect your YouTube account in settings then just wait. All your links in the description will be updated automatically. It may take sometimes but that may be because of the surge in traffic, just give it time it will change in time.

In case you wanted it to be done much faster, then you may opt to change the links manually one by one which may be a pain.

If you had shared your kits on the comments sections, then you need to go the individual comments and edit the to

URL Shortener

If you are using URL shortener services like or smartURL, then you must have to change every links to This is because the link won’t redirect automatically to .co address unless you change them manually.

To those using Geniuslink, you don’t have to do anything since the links will be updated automatically without you changing anything.

Simple Huh, Next…

Amazon Affiliate and list

Well, as you all know people use to show their products so that people can buy them. And then they can get commission and this where Amazon affiliates comes in. If you list amazon products in and when you were registering for amazon affiliate programs. In other words you if used as one of the listed websites and apps then you need to go back and change the to Just as simple as that.


If you have a website hosted on WordPress, and it happened that you had put any links in your pages, articles or any place on your website. All you have to do is to just install the updated Kit WordPress Plugin. This will search everywhere on you website find all the links that has in them and replace them with


To all TubeBuddy Star User all you have to do is go to the tool called Bulk Find,Replace& Append Tool to find all / and replace all of them to /


If your gears appears in Search engine, don’t worry though this is all covered, all the traffics will be redirected to so you wont lose your traffics.

To other social media users such Facebook , Instagram and others. You must just go and change them manually, please note they may redirect to for a while now but its not guaranteed it will last forever. So just change them now before 8th of December.

You can also check out the kit blog for more details.

Thank you for your time be blessed. Have a good one.

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