with these youtube tools every small youtubers dream to grow their new channel to thousands if not millions subcriber and views is possible.

11 Top Youtube Tools For Small YouTubers With a New Youtube Channel

We are here again, today I wanna show you the best and must-have youtube tools every small YouTubers must use if you want to grow your channel from zero subscribers to thousands.

It is every upcoming YouTuber’s dream to search and get as many subscribers and more views, but you don’t have to do this alone, you must simplify your work.

There are available tools to help you lift the work for you. I know its overwhelming, I just created my channel and believe me its a challenge even to get a single subscriber even in a day. It takes a lot of work and dedication.

…But with these tools, your work is gonna be easier so let’s dive in…

1). Keyword research tools

Do you have any video ideas???

…if the answer is YES, you have a new youtube channel and you want to grow to thousands of views or subscribers per day…

Before you start shooting your video, animating or vlogging, you must choose a TOPIC or NICHE you want to follow and create videos about.

After landing to the niche you want to create a video about, it’s always the best and recommended practice to do research for the topic as in doing what is called KEYWORD RESEARCH. It helps you know if there is going to be a substantial audience to this particular topic you want to create youtube videos about.

There are tools that can help you out with keyword research, they will tell how many times these ideas get searched per month, the competition, and how to rank for them.

Now with this knowledge and choosing a topic or niche with enough audience and you know the competition, you will come up with proper strategies to shoot video that your audience will always be searching for and love.

As you know if a person is searching for something and they find it in your channel, there is a high chance they will subscribe for more videos to come.

That’s a win right!…

So here is a list of keyword tools that will help you boost your views, subscription and in turn make your channel make money in no time…

  1. Google Keyword planner
  2. KeywordTool.io
  3. Keywords Everywhere
  4. Ubbersuggest

These tools and partially free but they are very important especially if you are starting out, I mean when you still have a few subscribers so to get more views it’s only gonna be from search.


2). Video Creation tools

Youtube is a video hosting and sharing platform, so if you have a channel you have to upload videos… and where do you get videos … you make them so here is a small list of tools that every small YouTuber must have.

Video Recording tools

These ones can be your phone camera of course if it’s of good quality, but hey! don’t be afraid though, if you are starting out, just record and post that’s all that matters.

Another one you must have is a microphone, just in case you are going to record your voice. But you will have to if you want to communicate with people whom you want to stick with you, it’s always great if they hear your voice at least if not seeing your face.

Another one great a must-have youtube tool is a screen recorder, you know sometimes you want to record some things on the screen. Yes especially if you want to teach your viewers something, you must have a good screen recorder.

Here is a list of screen recording tools I personally have used.

  1. SimpleScreenRecorder: This is totally free and Linux only, this is what I use now. I highly recommend this if you are just starting your new youtube channel on budget.
  2. Windows inbuilt screen recorder: this is a screen recorder on windows 10 that is meant for gamers, but you can use it for general purposes.
  3. Screencast-O-Matic
  4. Camtasia

4). VIDEO EDiting tools

Creating videos is one thing and editing is another, as you know you must not just upload your videos just like that without editing. It doesn’t look good and its not professional.

After you have recorded your videos there are some editors, some free but most of them are paid.

… So here is a list of top tools for editing youtube videos…

  1. Kdenlive
  2. Wondershare Filmora9 
  3. Windows Movie Maker
  4. iMovie

All the above video editing tools are easy to use and are free. Hence they are the best for small YouTubers. So check them out and start editing your videos.

5). Thumbnail CREATION TOOLS

For your youtube video to attract more viewers and convert to subscribers. Your uploaded videos must have an eye-catching thumbnail.

Yes, eye-catching, so what do you do, it’s simple just choose the right photo editing tools. When starting out you don’t need something as complex as the Adobe Photoshop but with time you will need that anyway, but for now with your new youtube channel just go with these.

…free simple to use and they do the work…

  1. Gimp
  2. Pixr
  3. Inkscape
  4. Canva

These are really great they will do the work, and just so you know Canva and Pixr are online photo editing tools

6). FREE music and sound effects

Evey great video must be accompanied by a good audio, the audio may be your voice or a piece of music.

In case you dint know music sets mood and it communicates emotion, it makes you feel as all your senses are involved in the process of watching. So what I’m I trying to say… Its actually simple every video must have audio with it, don’t ever, I mean Ever upload a silent video to youtube unless I don’t know you may have your reasons I guess.

… good audio is equal to good video…

As I have said good audio is equal to a good video.PERIOD. So where do you get your audio, music sound effects and stuff…



  1. Youtube Audio Library: Free Musics and Effects
  2. BenSound: Free Musics and Some you Buy
  3. Audio Library — Music for content creators: Free Youtube music you can download and use for free
  4. Audio Library Plus: Same as Audio Library — Music for content creator probably owned by them.

  1. SoundStripe: Price $11 /Month
  2. Audio Jungle: Not paid monthly but you buy individual music price range between $1 and above

7). Analytics tools

If you have reached this far it means you are ready to upload your video to your new youtube channel…Yay!…Congratulation! After you have uploaded your youtube video you will always want to know who is watching how many hours were watched at what time the list is endless.

Imagine doing all that by going to each and every one of your videos

It would be so hectic, time-consuming and cumbersome. So what you have to do is have so a place whereby you can get all this data at the same place.


Youtube Studio: it’s part of youtube and it will give you all the insights you may need concerning your channel. It provides all the insight.

8). Tracking tools

After you are in the game now, you now have to mind your competitor, know what they are doing and when. I meant track what they are doing best so that you can improve,

…?is it legal?… sorry they will be tracking soon just wait!

So here are the youtube tools you can use as a small YouTuber to track down your competitors in the game.

  1. VidIQ
  2. TubeBuddy
  3. SocialBlade

All of them are free to use and the free features are really great if you are small Youtuber, I meant having a new channel with few subscribers and fewer views. But for more advanced features you will have to pay for use.

9). Url manager/Shortner

Now that your videos are on youtube as a serious YouTuber you may want to share your videos links with your friends, on Facebook, WhatsApp etcetera. You dont want to send them the long URLs as this may be annoy given the URL may be bigger that the actual message asking your friend to watch.

So what do you do? You shorten them right… Here is a list of tools you can use to shorten your urls.

  1. Bit.ly
  2. smartURL

They are completely free to use, to certain limits that is you can shorten as many URLs but the limits come on how many calls per hour your links being clicked. That’s it for a small YouTuber using these tools will be easy because you may not be having many people clicking these links per hour…so… you are safe till you are big.

10). Time manager

Creating youtube videos is time-consuming and when you are starting out you will always have many ideas you want to be covered which will be overwhelming, and you may lose track of time and end not doing much as intended.

….Time…So what do you do?….

  1. You create a todo list and follow it strictly.
  2. Use Trello app – this is an online tool that will help you manage and organize your projects and follow their progress.
  3. Yourself: You must have time discipline and keep time.

11). Creators ChannelS

These are on youtube, these are channels that will provide you with proper insights on how to grow your channel, optimize your youtube videos and all that stuff.

Here is the list to help you out.

  1. Youtube Creators
  2. Creators academy

That was a very long post. Hey thank you for your time and I wish you the best in your new youtube channel.

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Have a good one, peace.

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